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Why Choose Wiggle And Giggle Music

If you are looking for music classes that are full of fun filled exciting and challenging activities, together with a program designed by highly qualified music professionals, then you have come to the right place. The Wiggle And Giggle Music program is 100% Australian run and owned. The program has been developed in conjunction with feedback from parents who said they wanted us to “provide an experience that that they could not give their child at home”.
Wiggle And Giggle Music classes are customised to suit the individual needs of the children in a given class. Our program is not a paint by number style program (we are not another version of Kindermusik) and all teachers have the ability to adapt classes as needed, sometimes on the spot if required. In addition to this our program is the only program in Australia that has been written in line with the Speech Pathology Guidelines of Australia so you know your child will be working towards their language development milestones.

Through fun educational musical activities, movement and dance we will show you how music can be used to stimulate, calm, soothe, amaze and assist in creativity and imagination. Your child will develop confidence in themselves and their abilities and will develop fine motor skills, cognitive thinking and skills that they will be able to use in school and at home.
Through making music, singing, performing, wiggling and giggling you and your child will experience the joy of music and realise the importance of music in a child’s development. It will create a strong bond between you and your child and even develop the child’s literacy and numeracy skills. All this before they even start school and the best thing about it is they have fun doing it

Which Class Do I Choose?

Each child is unique and they all learn at different speeds. For this reason we do not run classes in age groups and instead focus on ability.

 Wrigglers Classes - The wriggles classes are for babies from birth to around 12 months, including older children who are not yet walking.

Wigglers Classes - The wigglers class is for children who have just found their feet and who are still finding their voice. This class is the choice for a 11 month old who is walking and could also be fore a 3yr old who doesn’t talk.
Gigglers Classes - The gigglers class is for children who are confident talkers and who love using their voice. Children generally say their name and can respond to questions, make animal sounds etc.

Siblings – We are sibling friendly - If you have a baby that is under 12 months they are welcome to join the class free of charge. Please note: we do not allocate your baby and instrument however if spares are available they will be included in the class at no cost. If you specifically want them to be included please talk to us and we will see what we can arrange. Children 1-5yrs are able to attend separate classes or may attend either Wigglers or Gigglers class together. 

If you are unsure which class would suit best, please contact us.

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